In biology Cilia defines minute hairlike organelles that line the surfaces of certain cells and beat in rhythmic waves.
Cilia house signaling proteins that allow the cell to sample their environment and respond appropriately.
Cilia VR is a 6DoF site-specific interactive installation that explores the more intangible qualities of Space, understood as the synthesis of all phenomena of the external senses. Starting from a 3D scan of the real space this immersive experience challenges the idea that we relate to the world as something entirely external to ourselves.
Cilia VR experience transcends the physical coordinates along a “reality-virtuality continuum” where body is staged as  an architecture of unspoken condition. Cilia VR immerses the user in a journey through the self along a flow of perceptual mutation.

Cilia VR  has been developed during the Immensiva Residency at Espronceda Art Center in Barcelona thanks to the collaboration 
with Daniel Cabanzo  and Mohsen Hazrati