Notes on Medusa II

VR video
360 video, 3'07'', color, spatialized sound, 2018
Sound artist Klara Andersson

This is an extract of a longer video I've presented during 13 Performing Art Festival held on the 4th and 5th January at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg.
This project is part of an artistic research that focuses on the relationship between the audience and the fictional space.
Through a critical approach at Virtual Reality this performance aims to deconstruct the codes of representation and to explore the relationship between human perception and technology.
The main concept I've being focus on this first 360 artwork itโ€™s the proximity along the gap between real and fictional space.
While the audience was experiencing the video within the VR headset I've physically performed around them by juxtaposing my real presence position in the space with the one recorded in the immersive one.
The video had an intro that I've shoot in the same location where I've performed, giving to the audience, by means of a site-specific prologue, the illusion to enter virtually the physical space they were actually into.

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